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President's Award for Engagement 2014 


The 2014 winners are:

  • Student Category: Michelle O’Donnell Keating, PhD student in the School of Law & Government.
    Michelle is co-founder of Women for Election and has received this award for her efforts to increase the number of women actively involved in all levels of political life.
  • Staff Category: Dr Eithne Kennedy, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra.
    Dr. Kennedy received the award for her Write to Read project, a literacy intervention for disadvantaged communities in urban areas.
  • Special Merit Award, Staff Category: Dr. Raphaela Kane, DCU School of Nursing and Human Sciences and Mr Tom Bisset from Finglas Addiction Support Team for their work for the Recovery Coaching and Addiction in the Community Project.
  • Special Merit Award, Student Category: DCU Horticulture (Grow Your Own) Society for the DCU Community Garden revival project, which transformed a disused land into an educational, research and outreach space.


The President’s Award for Engagement is designed to celebrate the engagement of staff and students in the life of the wider community and to make awards for the top entries in the Staff and Student categories.

The award will consist of four awards as follows:

  • President's Award for Engagement -- Staff Category  €1000
  • Special Merit Award-- Staff Category €500
  • President's Award for Engagement -- Student Category €1000
  • Special Merit Award-- Student Category €500

 The award will be presented by the DCU President at a ceremony on Tuesday 27th May 2014 @ 12pm in The Gallery, The Helix. 

This award will recognise outstanding contributions by staff and students to the engagement mission of DCU.  Engagement is defined widely to embrace civic engagement, public engagement, enterprise engagement, sustainability engagement and student engagement. Entries can cut across the various areas of engagement and these are outlined here purely as a guide.

Civic engagement
These are initiatives involving community partners that are committed to social regeneration and community empowerment.  Impact on the community is particularly relevant as is the direct engagement of DCU schools and units. 

Public engagement
Through public engagement, be it through the media or other avenues, DCU staff play an active role in the wider debates in society around the future of the city and the nation.  Making a mark, making a difference are key attributes in this domain.  

Enterprise engagement 
There are clear links between civic and enterprise engagement as recognized by the higher education strategy.  This award will highlight social enterprise which promotes social regeneration and local economic development.

Sustainability engagement
This area recognises the need to balance economic, environment and social factors through all our activities, teaching and learning, research and innovation, our own campus operations as well as through our engagements with businesses and the community to create a sustainable future for all.

Student engagement
Students who are involved in activities which influence people outside of the DCU campus community are asked to put themselves or their group forward for this award. This category includes charity work, volunteering, social enterprises or any other activity in which DCU students engage in a not-for-profit sense with the local or regional community. 

Who is eligible for the award?
All staff and students at DCU and its affiliated colleges are welcome to apply for this award.  Individuals who have previously received an award must wait two years before being eligible again.

How to nominate for the award -The Call for Nominations 2014 is now closed 
Individuals or groups can self-nominate or they can be nominated by colleagues or community or other appropriate external agencies.  Endorsements from community and enterprise partners are also of course welcomed.  The criteria to address in an application are the mission statement and strategy of DCU . Please fill in this form:

Selection process
The selection process will be conducted by a sub-committe of the Civic Engagement Forum.  The President will sign off on the nominees put forward.
For further information please contact Professor Ronnie Munck, Head of Civic Engagement ( or Natalja Matease, Administrator, Office of Civic Engagement (


Nominees are invited to submit an A0 poster (preferably landscape) for display at the event. Please bring your poster to D203, The Bea Orpen Building, DCU (FAO: Natalja Matease) on or before 4pm, Friday 23rd May.   
*You can submit your artwork (in a high resolution pdf file format) at:   before 20th May 2014 (as printing requests will require 3 days notice). 


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