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Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland

Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland (CTYI)

The Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland programme provides educational enrichment opportunities for secondary school students at or above the 95th percentile of ability. We also provide a CTYI programme for primary school students. For those not at or above 95th percentile of ability please see our secondary school programmes overview.

Summer CTYI Programme

This programme takes place in two separate three week session in June and July each year. We offer both Residential & Commuter Places. As well as having a strong academic structure, the CTYI summer programme for second level students has an extensive social programme. Outside of classes, students participate in sporting activities, day trips, discos, table quizzes and more. We employ a team of residential staff who coordinate the social activities and ensure that the students settle in, have a balanced timetable and an altogether enjoyable time.

2017 CTYI Brochure

Biomedical Engineering (Description missing from hardcopy brochure)

 Bioengineers work at the forefront of medical technology. This includes medical device development and stem cell research leading to pioneering treatments and cures for many illnesses. The profession offers a whole host of career opportunities for the benefit of the health of all mankind. This includes devices for treating many medical conditions and technologies to re-enable those with life changing disabilities to have a better future.

In this course you will experience the wide variety of bioengineering fields, including those relating to the mechanics and electronics of the human body as well as the technologies used to augment and investigate it. Students will have the chance to learn engineering theories and practices from the instructor, try their hand at engineering during practical work and debate and discuss the ethical implications of bioengineering advancements. This is a fantastic course for students with an interest in engineering, technology and medicine, exposing you to the frontier of technological advances that are improving healthcare.

Neuroscience (Description missing from hardcopy brochure)

Why do we sleep? How do some people ‘smell’ colour? How do our brains change throughout life? Why did the man mistake his wife for a hat? Is nature or nurture more important in how we behave? Interested in these questions? Then the CAT Neuroscience course is for you! Neuroscience is one of the most interesting fields of study and we have made huge strides in neuroscience from the days when we thought that the only function of the brain was to produce snot! Neuroscientists now work in fields as varied as mechanisms of disease, drug development, sports medicine and psychology and we shall touch on all of these areas. Students will begin with the basics of cellular biology and neuroanatomy before taking a tour of the brain looking at both the normal function of different areas of the brain and what happens when these functions break down. We shall also look more recently developed fields of neuroscience such as stem cell therapies and brain-computer interfaces. This course is of interest to anyone who has an interest into how our brains work, how they process the world around us and what happens when these systems break down. We shall also look at and discuss how this fascinating research is carried out in laboratories in Ireland and around the world. The class will be lecture based but enthusiastic discussions are welcome! Don’t know what a neuron is? Don’t worry! Everything will be taught from first principals.

Important Dates for Summer 2017

Session I Sunday - June 25th to Friday July 14th

Session II Sunday - July 16th to Friday August 4th

Early application deadline - Friday, 27th Janurary 2017

Normal application deadline - Friday, 7th April 2017

Balance of fees deadlin - Friday, 26th May 2017


Regardless of previous qualification for our Primary School Programmes students must take part in the Talent Search or provide an Educational Psychologist’s report to take part in the CTYI programme. Pending the results of either method students may be found eligible for Science or Humanities programmes, or both.

Overseas Students

The CTYI programme is also available to students not resident in Ireland, please use the Overseas Application Form to make your application.

Further Information

For more information on the CTYI Programme for 12-16 year olds, please contact Linda Murphy at +353 1 7008103 or linda.murphy@dcu.ie or use our Contact Form.