INTRA Internships

Attract Top Talent

Do you need support for specific projects or require additional resources at certain times of the year?  Would you like an opportunity to train and evaluate potential future employees?  If the answer is yes, you might consider hiring a DCU INTRA student as a temporary resource without adding a permanent payroll cost.  Our ambitious, energetic students can bring their specialist skills and knowledge to your company and contribute effectively to your business.  They are work-ready and motivated to perform to a high level.  Please read our Employer Guidelines [pdf] if you would like to know more.

Employers' Comments on INTRA

Paul Vance, Director of Resourcing, KPMG  Paul Vance, Director of Resourcing, KPMG
 Recruiting talented students from DCU is always a priority each year.  As a leading international professional services firm, we pride ourselves on the depth of talent and expertise that we provide to our clients.  They demand the very best service and advice from KPMG people.  To satisfy this demand, we recruit only the best interns and graduates in the country.  At entry, we demand that interns and graduates must be academically excellent, have great business awareness and be well-rounded individuals.  These qualities are in abundance among DCU students.  
Ted Wright, Managing Director, Writech Industrial Services Ltd
As a graduate of DCU, I appreciate the importance of the INTRA placement and the exposure it provides.  I was determined to offer the same experience if I was ever in a position to do so.  As an employer, I have taken a number of students over the past five years.  This year we asked the last INTRA student to join us on a full-time basis after graduation.  Students leave DCU with the confidence to teach themselves almost anything. This skill is very important in today's business. The ability to think on one’s feet, learn and adapt is essential. Experience then makes any person with those skills invaluable.

Courses with an INTRA Placement

Many undergraduate and some postgraduate courses at DCU require students to complete a mandatory internship which is fully assessed.  The start date and duration of the internship varies from course to course.  Please review the INTRA Calendar [xls] for an overview of the courses and internship dates. If you would like to know more, please click on the relevant link below:

We can Help!

Please call or email us to discuss your requirements; see contacts below. Our office can provide individualised assistance to make your recruiting efforts successful.  We look forward to partnering with you!

 Maeve Long
 Carol Power
 Vanessa Wade
 Geraldine Farrell
 Geraldine Farrell
 Nora O Brien
 Rachel McCullagh
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All Programmes

Interested?  Here's how to Get Started

  • Prepare a short job description or spec., include a brief overview of the company, role, duties, skills required and salary. Sent the spec. by email to the appropriate team member (see list above) and indicate the courses(s) and placement period(s) of interest
  • We will advertise the spec. to the relevant class groups and students will be invited to apply
  • CVs of interested students will then be forwarded for your consideration
  • We will contact you to see if you would like to meet students for interview and if so...
  • We will organise interviews directly with the students on your behalf and to suit your schedule.  Interviews can take place at our purpose-built interview rooms in DCU or at the company premises.
  • After the interviews, you will decide who is the most suitable candidate(s) for the role and the company 
Top Tip: As students are in demand each year and must accept their first offer, we advise setting up interviews and making a decision on the successful candidate(s) as quickly as possible.  This will help to reduce the possibility of your chosen candidate(s) being placed with another employer in the meantime. Please read our Employer Guidelines [pdf] for full information on the process.