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DCU has a world-class reputation for research in biomedical diagnostics and leads the largest diagnostics research institute on the island of Ireland – the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute, BDI (www.bdi.ie).
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The core competencies of the BDI include:

  • Biorecognition - the production of diverse antibody libraries against clinically relevant biomarkers of disease
  • Transduction -  the development of novel materials and combinations of electrochemical and photophysical approaches to detect low concentrations of targets in sample volumes within short periods of time
  • Signal amplification – enhancing the fluorescence of biosensors and array biochips to increase signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and produce improved analyte sensitivity and lower limits of detection
  • Microfluidics – the development of novel multi-force liquid handling schemes, (polymer) micro- and nanofabrication as well as system integration and automation
  • Surface science – development of novel surface chemistries to enhance specificity, sensitivity and resistance to NSB


For further information on DCU’s diagnostics research , engagement with industry and licence opportunities please contact
Dr. Conor Burke, Associate Director , BDI conor.burke@dcu.ie
Dr. Georgina Murphy, IP Manager, BDI georgina.murphy@invent.dcu.ie