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Plasma technology is employed to manufacture products that are cheaper and of superior quality than those produced by competing technologies. It also develops unique and disruptive processes and technologies which will improve Ireland's overall manufacturing competiveness. The range of industry sectors that currently depend on plasma processing technology is wide, and includes the Semiconductor Devices, Medical Devices, Agri, Food Processing, Healthcare, Aerospace, Photonic Devices sectors and many more.

NCPST logo on Invent DCU wesbiteDCU is home to the National Centre for Plasma Science and Technology (NCPST) a multidisciplinary centre, which brings together scientists and engineers to address both fundamental and applied questions relating to the advancement and development of plasma related research for the benefit of both industry and society locally and internationally.
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Laser-textured Interference-fit Fasteners with Highly Controlled Bond Strength
The invention is a novel, rapid laser micro-profiling technique for producing interference fit fasteners. In this technique, a high powered laser is used to alter the surface texture of a metal pin, to produce an interference-fit fastener that will have a more highly defined bond strength and result in more secure interference joints. Control of the laser parameters allows exacting control of the surface texture, giving a high degree of control over the strength of the fastening.
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