Information Systems Services

Software Procurement

Staff wishing to procure software may either take advantage of the site license agreements currently held by DCU, or by purchasing software from an educational reseller. DCU Staff are advised that any software they use must be purchased and licensed correctly as per the Code of Conduct for the Use of Computer Resources. The ISS Software Catalogue contains details of software available in DCU and how to purchase licenses that are not already owned.

Site Licensed Software

DCU currently maintain site licenses for various software applications that staff may download and install onto their machine. These applications are:

Microsoft Campus Agreement

Under the Microsoft Home Use Program (HUP), DCU staff are entitled to purchase one copy of Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Project 2016 or Office for Mac 2016 for €13.95 each to install yourself on your home computer.

To avail of this offer, please visit the Microsoft Home Use Program page (Staff login required) to view the terms and conditions of the program and for instructions on how to use the program.  You will need a valid DCU email address to process the order.

Please note that ISS cannot support personal home computers.

If you have any after-purchase issues with downloading or installing the product please contact:


Staff are entitiled to install SPSS on their work and personal machines. Installing it on their personal machines is subject to the license agreement here that Staff must sign and return to ISS.

McAfee VirusScan

Staff are entitled to install McAfee VirusScan on their work and personal machines.


Staff are entitled to install LabView for both teaching and research purposes on their work machines.

Please note that site license software runs on a subscription basis, and only applies while you are a current staff member in DCU. Once you are no longer a member of staff, you will no longer be entitled to install/use the software.

Purchasing Software

If you wish to install software that is not covered by a site license agreement above, then the software will have to be purchased. ISS currently deal with a number of resellers who provided educational pricing on a number of software applications. These vendors are:

Please contact the vendors above in regards to purchasing software.