Information Systems & Services

Student Software and Hardware Procurement

DCU provide a number of software packages in the computer lab environment that students may use.  Students wishing to procure software for use on their own machines can take advantage of:

  • Site licensed software
  • Discounted software purchasing

Site Licensed Software

DCU currently maintain site licenses for various software applications that students may download and install onto their personal machines. 


Students are entitiled to install SPSS on their own personal machines. You can start the process of downloading and installing SPSS from this link.

Please note that site license software runs on a subscription basis, and only applies while you are a current student in DCU. Once you are no longer a student, you will no longer be entitled to install/use the software.

Purchasing Software

If you wish to install software that is not covered by a site license agreement above, then the software will have to be purchased. 

Software can be purchased directly from Software 4 Students,

Alternatively, students wishing to purchase Microsoft Office can avail of an offer by Microsoft, offering a discount on the latest version of Microsoft Office.


There is a free anti-virus scan product called Microsoft Security Essentials available. This can be downloaded and installed from here.


Purchasing Hardware

Students are entitled to a 10-12% educational discount on personal purchases of Apple products through the Apple Store. 

To purchase, just click on the link below. Then click on 'Go to store', choose DCU and verify whether you are staff or student by authenticating with your DCU credentials (your college Username and Password) in the pop up window.