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Sending as email

See video tutorial below from the ISS You Tube Channel



If you have your student card, touch the target with your card.

Otherwise, enter your username and password and press [Log In]

-         Click on [use photocopier functions]

-         Printing account information will be shown on the touch screen, click [NEXT]

-         Press the [send] key on the keypad.

-         Press [E-mail Addr Entry] and then [E-mail Address].

-         Enter destination E-mail address and press [OK] twice.

-         Place the originals in the document processor or on the platen.

 Placing Originals on the Platen 


Loading Originals in the Document Processor

-         Select the desired [output] option (PDF, JPG, etcآ…) (optional) in the sub menu from the main screen.

-         Confirm all settings with OK.

-         Press START.


-         Logout

To logout from the machine, press the Logout key to return to the login user name/password entry screen.