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Writing Content for the Web


Writing Content for the Web

ISS encourages you to publish your own web-site. Here are the steps to putting a web page on the World Wide Web (www)

  1. Have an account on a web server
  2. Create html page(s)
  3. Put the html pages on the web server

Your Account

As a staff member of DCU you have an account on our webserver. Your account username and password are those you initially received for your E-Mail and Novell login.

Your own web site address (URL) is http://webpages.DCU.ie/~username

So if your username is bloggsj then your web address is http://webpages.DCU.ie/~bloggsj
You have up to 20Mb of disk space on the DCU web server to enable you to publish your own web pages.

How to Create a HTML Page

Another excellent tutorial is available at http://www.davesite.com/webstation/html

How to put your HTML page on your web site

Once you have created your HTML/web page(s) on your local machine you need to transfer them onto the web server machine. Here are instructions on how to do this.