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DCU Library

Information for Visitors


DCU Library welcomes visitors as part of a number of library membership and access schemes. To see if you are eligible to apply for membership of the Library, please visit our membership page.

Visiting Lecturers and Researchers

The Library is happy to organise temporary visitor access for individuals working on a short term basis with DCU schools, research centres and units.

Conference Delegates

Conference delegates attending conferences affiliated to one of the schools/departments on campus may be given access on production of their conference ID and completion of a daily visitor form.
Visitor Cards are also issued to delegates attending non-DCU affiliated conferences which are organised by the Conference Centre. This access is prearranged with the Issue Desk supervisor.

Public Higher Education Universities/Colleges in Ireland and abroad

Visitor access during semester

Students from other Public Higher Education Universities/Colleges in Ireland may visit the library with a letter of introduction, signed and stamped, from the librarian in their own institution, stating the date on which they wish to visit, and detailing the material they wish to consult. This letter is valid for one day's visit.

Visitor Access in Summer

For the months of June, July and August, students from any 3rd level college in Ireland or abroad may be given access on a daily basis on production of photographic ID from their own institution, or ID from their own institution with some other form of photographic ID. In keeping with policy in Irish Universities Association institutions, we are unable to offer access to students registered with private colleges.

Members of the public

May apply to the library for External Membership. External membership of the library is for personal research purposes only. Acceptance of an application is at the discretion of the Director of Library Services.