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University Policies

Welcome to the policies and other support documentation section of the University's website. These webpages are managed by the Office of the Chief Operations Officer and day-to-day responsibility for their maintenance and contents rests with the Risk & Compliance Officer.

The primary intentions of this section of the University's website are to:

  • provide access, via a single website location, to those policies and other important supporting documents which deal with the administration of the business affairs of the University;
  • indicate which documents have been recently amended or added in the last year to the documents listed on these webpages;
  • indicate, for specific categories of staff, those policies which are of particular relevance to them;
  • provide guidance on drafting policies; and
  • to assist in the correct designation and categorisation of various documents such as Policies, Codes, Procedures and Guidelines by use of a guide known as the University's Hierachy of Documents.

If you have any queries, comments or recommendations regarding this section of the University's website please contact the University Risk & Compliance Officer at ext 8706.