Research Support

About Research Support

Research Support  provides professional advice and support to staff and researchers at DCU for a range of activities associated with internal and  external research funding, and international collaborations.

The services provided include:

  • Provision of information on internal and external funding opportunities;
  • Support and advice with preparing grant applications;
  • Advice and assistance with costing and pricing research proposals;
  • Approval and submission of grant applications;
  • Co-ordination of contract review and other legal requirements;
  • Institutional research contract approval
  • Review and/or provision of Collaborative Research Agreements for collaborative projects with Industrial or Academic partners.
  • Establishing inter-institutional arrangements for the transfer of funds to research collaborators at other institutions
  • Advice and support throughout the duration of a grant;
  • Provision of ethical approval process through the university Research Ethics Committee
  • Provision of management information on research;
  • Provision of subsidized DCU laboratory Notebooks
  • Audit Liaison.
  • Point of contact for external organisations seeking access to DCU Research.

The Research Support team is organised by funding agency responsibility, further details are available online.


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