Research Support

How can the Research Support Office help you?

Our team can help you with any aspect related to the acquisition of external funding for research, for example:

  •  identify sources of funding,
  •  provision of coaching to develop European funding bids and links with enterprise,
  • advice in management of pre- and post-award stages of grant awards.
  • budget and proposal preparation
We encourage staff to contact us to discuss potential applications, seek advice on proposal preparation, and critically, liaise with us regarding costing and pricing of research proposals.

 Our services also include:

  • Co-ordination, review and/or provision of Collaborative Research Agreements for collaborative projects with Industrial or Academic partners (i.e EU Consortium agreements, etc);
  • Award administration (Processing award documentation and liaising with the finance office to set up research accounts)
  • Provision of ethical approval process through the university Research Ethics Committee
  • External liaison with funding bodies and other organisations seeking access to DCU research
  • Development of research related policies to provide an institutional framework for the research activity. 
  • Publicising DCU research successes via the DCU website and social media
  • Provision of metrics related to research performance for internal and external stakeholders
  • Development of training courses and information sessions to support the research career development of junior and mid-career staff.
  • Management and coordination of internal funding schemes
  • Support the Vice-President for Research and Innovation on the implementation of the Research and Innovation Strategy.
DCU Strategy for Research and Innovation 
Research Brochure Cover  The RIS Office provides a key support to the DCU Research Community and is an instrumental enabler of the goals outlined in the DCU Strategy for Research and Innovation. This is one of the component strategies of the DCU's strategic plan "Transforming Lives and Societies". The brochure ‘A fresh vision for research and innovation at DCU’ summarises our goals for research and innovation at DCU and outlines the activities that will ensure the fulfillment of the University’s vision, that by 2017 DCU will be recognized internationally as a research-intensive university of enterprise with a focus on translating knowledge into benefits for society and the economy.

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