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SALIS graduate scoops Cipherion Translations ‘Best Thesis’ award

A DCU SALIS (School of Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies) graduate has been awarded a ‘Best Thesis’ prize by leading Irish translation company, Cipherion Translations.

Enrika Baleviciute, who is a graduate of the BA in Languages for International Communications programme, wrote her dissertation on ‘crowdsourced’ (community-based) translations

María Jesús de Arriba Díaz, COO with Cipherion Translations, said that the crowdsourcing is a major topic of interest in the industry at the moment. “It is highly relevant as it is a challenging emerging phenomenon, on which very little research has been carried out to date. Enrika’s dissertation shows clearly that although crowdsourcing has its place, mainly in community-based initiatives and platforms, it by no means replaces the clarity of message that professional translations bring to an organisation’s brand, corporate messaging and profile.” SALIS provides world class research and teaching in Translation Studies. Students are given the opportunity to study topics relating to contemporary translation scenarios both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Ranging from multimedia translation to scientific technical translation, students are prepared for dynamically changing translation environments.

The aim of the final year thesis is to encourage students to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge gained in their studies in research that is relevant to the business of translation.

Support for the Cipherion Translations’ Best Thesis Prize was arranged through the DCU Educational Trust.

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