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Making a Gift: American Donors

Dublin City University (DCU) is Ireland's youngest and most dynamic university. Just 26 years old, DCU is known for its academic rigour and innovative structure. DCU is a key centre for science and discovery, boasting four national research centres focussing on sensors and bio diversity, cellular biotechnology, plasma, aerotherapeutics and network communications and engineering. DCU was recently ranked by The Sunday Times as first among the Irish Universities in research and continues to build partnerships within Ireland, around Europe and, notably, in the United States as it seeks to strengthen its role as a world leader in research.

As it looks to the future DCU now seeks to build on its strengths, continuing to develop its core competencies, in the sciences, engineering, and computing; communications, multimedia, and journalism (Ireland's only dedicated School of Journalism); the DCU Business School; and the Nursing School, already Ireland's largest.

Thanks to the commitment and generosity of our alumni and friends in the United States through the Irish American Endowment for Education, the Dublin City University Educational Trust supports initiatives throughout the university bringing DCU to the next stage in its development.

A key focus for the Trust is building sustainable funding for the university's Access Scholarship Programme and Sports Academy.

The DCU Access Scholarship Programme was initiated by DCU in 1990 and is now the largest programme of its kind with over 400 students receiving scholarships each year. The programme aims to address significant socio economic barriers preventing bright, deserving young people from taking their rightful place at university. Students enrolled through the Access Programme come from under-served areas of Ireland, for example in areas close to the University just 9% of eligible young people attend university. Once at DCU, these students receive academic guidance and financial assistance in the form of scholarships costing $3,500 per year.

DCU established the School of Health and Human Performance in 2001 and four years later was the first university in Ireland to introduce an admission policy recognising excellence in sporting achievement as an entry route to all DCU degree programmes. The DCU Sports Academy was launched in 2006, offering course flexibility and state of the art training facilities for up to 100 student athletes in gaelic football, athletics and tennis. The DCU Educational Trust endeavours to raise scholarships costing $9,600 per year that support the needs of athletes in terms of academic fees, accommodation, medical support, equipment and books. In addition, each DCU Sports Academy student benefits from flexible access to academic programmes, access to DCU's high performance facilities, personal tuition and support for participation in international competitions.

It is only with the support of alumni and friends that DCU can continue to provide opportunities for its students. Though Ireland has seen immense change in the past decade, there is still a need for support for programmes such as the Access scholarship programme. In the words of the President of Ireland Mary McAleese "…the rising tide does not actually raise all boats, there are some boats that are so far beached they do need that extra help".

Over the years the impact that our U.S. donors have had on the University and the lives of these scholarship students has been immense. Each scholarship student has had their lives deeply affected by giving. To hear from one such student and from former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese please click on the following link View the Educational Trust video.

For more information on the Irish American Endowment for Education please contact Derek McArdle (

How to Make a Gift

American donors will have their gifts credited through the Irish American Endowment for Education, a registered 501 (C) 3 not-for-profit corporation in the United States which serves DCU. All contributions are fully tax deductible in accordance with U.S. federal regulations. Gifts will directly serve DCU and be counted towards the DCU Annual Fund. Contributions should be mailed as a cheque to:

The DCU Educational Trust
Albert College
Dublin City University
Dublin 9

Electronic Funds Transfer arrangements can be made for monthly standing orders to pay your pledge.

Gift card for American donors(PDF)

How to Match a Gift

If you work for a company that matches donations, your gift to DCU through the Irish American Endowment for Education can be doubled or tripled. Many subsidiaries of parent companies also are eligible. Retired employees and non-alumni spouses often qualify as well. Simply obtain a matching gift form from your personnel office, follow the instructions for initiating the match and send the completed form with your gift.

For more information contact Claire Whelehan