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Educational Trust

DCU Annual Fund

The DCU Annual Fund provides an opportunity for alumni, students, staff and friends to build a legacy of excellence for our students, our community and our nation. Every gift to the DCU Annual Fund- no matter the size- makes a real difference. The DCU Annual Fund supports many areas of need in the DCU community, including Access Scholarships, student services, academic excellence and research.

The Best and Brightest Students

At DCU, we tell our students, You can go anywhere from here. Some have broken through barriers and overcome tremendous personal, financial and emotional obstacles to do just that. For our Access students the amount of financial assistance they receive is the determining factor in deciding whether they can go to university. Once accepted to DCU, students on the Access Programme receive a host of post-entry supports including guidance and academic assistance. Most importantly each Access student also receives a scholarship provided with your support through the DCU Annual Fund, allowing them to focus on their studies instead of working multiple jobs and straining to support themselves.

Innovation in DCU

The DCU Annual Fund provides critically needed financial support to transform DCU's community. Each year grants are made to support enterprising projects on campus.

Student Life
DCU’s student population continues to increase. The DCU Annual Fund helps to enrich the overall learning environment on campus by providing grants for a variety of initiatives to include extracurricular and sporting activities.
With your help, DCU focuses on socially and economically relevant research that makes a difference to our world. DCU’s research centres explore and examine new ways to diagnose and treat cancer, diabetes and heart disease, ensure safer water through the use of novel technologies, develop new means to communicate and interact across the globe and encourage leaders in business, government and healthcare to take decisions in an ethical context.
Academic Excellence
Intellectual talent is the engine driving all universities. Support for students and faculty through competitive awards for outstanding academic performance and teaching is a direct investment in excellence. DCU uniquely partners with industry to match student academic achievement with real world work placements and experience – ensuring that DCU graduates are easily identified both by their success in the classroom and in the workforce.

To learn about the impact of your contribution to the Annual Fund, visit Gifts in Action.