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The Campaign for DCU/Shaping the Future

The Campaign for DCU/Shaping the Future marks an ambitious €323m development programme which aims to future-proof the university’s graduates and align DCU’s research objectives with modern, global challenges.  The programme will see DCU deliver significant global impact in areas such as education, connected health, 21st Century media, conflict resolution and water security; increase its geographical footprint in the North Dublin region through multi-campus growth; and double its student body.

Shaping the Future will seek philanthropic support from private and corporate donors for a number of key projects, aimed at securing DCU’s international leadership in areas such as research, innovation, teaching and learning, student experience and human capital, including:

  • CHAnge (Centre for Healthy Ageing) supports healthy and active ageing and focuses on the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction which supports peace-building in post-conflict regions by producing research on key areas of international concern such as online radicalisation, post conflict transitions and women in conflict, and supporting policymakers and communities in addressing tensions and legacy issues in Northern Ireland.  
  • FuJo - Institute of Future Journalism and Media provides an exciting, convergent space where media organisations and digital industries can work together with students and researchers of journalism and data technologies to explore contemporary media challenges and shape the future of journalism in society.
  • DCU Institute of Education, Ireland’s first university faculty of education will educate world-class teachers across the full education continuum, carrying out pioneering research in 21st Century priority areas such as Digital Learning, STEM Education and special needs.
  • DCU Water Institute is developing and applying innovative approaches to global issues such as water quality, flood prevention, access to safe drinking water and wastewater treatment.  

For more information on the campaign or for a full list of projects, please visit the dedicated Shaping the Future website.

DCU is recognised for our focus on innovation, matching our enterprising efforts to future trends in employment, industry, science and technology. The campaign signals DCU’s ambition to show leadership in this space, to radically scale our future development to meet the challenges of a world grappling with realities such as an ageing population, natural resources under threat, preparation for the jobs of the future yet to be imagined, and an increasingly digitally connected global family where concepts of information, community and conflict transcend borders.

If you would like to know about how you can help shape the future please do not hesitate to contact our team on 01 700 5467.