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CTYI Policies

Data Protection Policy

Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy

Data Protection Policy

Student personal data is collected for the purpose of proper administration of CTYI activities and to ensure that student’s needs are met in their interactions with CTYI. This includes delivery or appropriate application materials to students, provision of information on special educational needs to academic staff who will interact with students, and in the case of post primary residential students the provision of information relevant to students’ health and safety to residential staff.

CTYI does not disclose data to third parties.

The disclosure of any special educational needs that may necessitate special provisions in classes is obligatory. Special educational needs include but are not limited to: ongoing behavioural issues, hyperactivity conditions, autistic spectrum disorders, dyslexia or related conditions, and visual or hearing impairment. It is also obligatory to provide information regarding special medical needs which may impact on a student’s health and safety while in the care of CTYI staff. Such medical needs include but are not limited to: ongoing psychiatric care, continuing treatment with a psychologist, severe allergies, epilepsy, or other long term illnesses. Failure to provide such information may necessitate the removal of a student from classes and mailing lists until this information is provided in writing to CTYI.

Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy

CTYI is dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for its student body, one which promotes equality, champions diversity and allows each individual to develop their full potential. This policy is a formal commitment to acknowledge and support the needs of any student’s gender identity and expression so that all members of the CTYI community can experience a positive and tolerant atmosphere, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

  • CTYI recognises the right of any student to self-identify their gender. Students should feel free to approach the Residential Coordinator and CTYI Equality Officer, Orla Dunne, if they would like to speak about this.
  • CTYI will change a student’s name at their request; this name will be the one that appears on certificates and future documentation.
  • CTYI will change a student’s gender on file according to their request.
  • CTYI will ensure the relevant academic and residential staff are informed of the student’s correct pronouns.
  • Students will be put in RA groups according to gender, or in the case of intersex, non-binary or genderfluid students, in the RA group they feel most comfortable in.
  • As the students in our care are minors, CTYI will work in conjunction with parents/guardians during the application process, as appropriate.
  • Residential Students:
    • Please note that any rooming decisions need to be made during the application process as it is not possible to move students during the programme.
    • Transgender students staying residentially will be placed on a corridor of their gender.*
    • Where possible CTYI will room transgender students of the same gender together. If this is not possible the student will have their own room on a corridor with the rest of their RA group.*
    • CTYI will inform the parents/ guardians of students who have indicated they are transgender on the application form of the residential policy in advance and will allow the parent or guardian to make the final decision in terms of corridor and room allocation. CTYI will never room transgender and cisgender students together without explicit parental permission.
    • If a parent does not give permission for the student to stay on a corridor of their gender, CTYI will place that student on a corridor according to their gender assigned at birth, but will allow the student to remain in an RA group and with an RA of their gender, as well as acknowledge the student’s self-identification in terms of name and pronouns.
    • CTYI has a zero tolerance policy in regards to transphobic bullying and harassment, in written, verbal or online form. Repeatedly referring to students by incorrect or former pronouns/ names after being informed and corrected will be deemed harassment.
    • CTYI is committed to annual review of our Gender Identity Equality Policy and will adjust in future years if deemed necessary.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the policy please feel free to contact Orla Dunne (Residential Coordinator and CTYI Equality Officer) on 017007051 or If you are a parent who would like to learn more, or a student who needs support, we highly recommend the organisation BeLonGTo,

*This is contingent on parental permission for the student to stay on a corridor of their gender.