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DCU Business School

International Educational Partner Institutions

International Partnership of Business School (IPBS)

DCU Business School is proud to be a member of the International Partnership of Business Schools (IPBS). IPBS is a consortium of leading business schools located in Boston (USA), Dublin (Ireland), Lancaster (UK), Madrid (Spain), Reims (France), Reutlingen (Germany), Piacenza (Italy), Puebla (Mexico) and Raleigh (USA). Through this partnership, we offer the following programmes:

BA in Global Business (France/Germany/Spain/USA/Canada):

The BA in Global Business degree is a unique course combining a broad understanding of international business with intercultural experience, language studies and paid work placements. As such, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to work in the challenging and diverse world of international business. You will have the opportunity to:

  • immerse yourself in the social, cultural and academic life of another country alongside students of many nationalities;
  • gain two qualifications, awarded by DCU and another top international business school;
  • benefit from paid work placements in Ireland and abroad;
  • combine international studies, European language and the study of business subjects.

Masters in International Management (MIM)

The Master of Science International Management is a 12-15 month master's programme offered by six leading international business schools who are all part of the IPBS network(International Partnership of Business Schools). The entire programme is taught in English.Students begin the programme with one term of study in France, Mexico or the United States. Then, they complete a second term of study and a thesis in Germany, Ireland or Italy. Admitted students must have demonstrated prior academic excellence in undergraduate business studies or a related field. Further, all students will have had significant practical training experience. The IPBS MIM is designed for students who are recent graduates of an undergraduate programme.

Upon graduation, participants will have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to take on top executive positions in international management with companies operating in the global market.



Bachelor of Business Studies International / Erasmus Educational Partners

DCU's Business Studies International degree offers a truly international option to ambitious students who wish to complement their business studies with the study of a foreign language. Students of the Business Studies International degree will spend a year at one of DCU Business School's top partner universities in Europe, Central America, Japan or China. The degree offers flexibility, optional work placement, an entrepreneurial focus, and strong employment prospects. For more information visit the Bachelor of Business Studies International

DCU welcomes students from our partner institutions as incoming students and encourages and supports DCU students who wish to avail of this opportunity. For further information, please continue on to ourErasmus site.


University of Cologne

University of Trier

Leibniz Universitat, Hannover

University of Paderborn

Technische Universitat, Berlin

Westfalisches Wilhelm Universität Münster


University of Ljubljana


University of Innsbruck


Universite Catholique de Louvain


ESSCA (Ecole Superieure des Sciences Commerciales d'Angers)

Group Sup Deo Co Montpellier

BEM Bordeaux Management School

Rouen Business School


Universidad De Alcala

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Universidad de Oviedo

Universitat de Valencia

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona


Takasaki City University of Economics


Capital University of Economics & Business, Beijing

Tongji University, Shanghai