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Graduate Studies Office

Postgraduate Contacts in DCU 

Graduate Studies Office:

Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr Joseph Stokes joseph.t.stokes@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 8720 (internal ext. 8720)

Assistant to the Dean of Graduate Studies

Ms Grainne Curran graduatestudiesoffice@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 5498 (internal ext. 5498)

Graduate Studies Office Manager

Ms Rachel Keegan rachel.keegan@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 6285 (internal ext. 6285)  

Graduate Studies Office Senior Research Administrative Officer

Dr Stephen Carroll stephen.carroll@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 7655 (internal ext. 7655)

Graduate Studies Office Senior Research Administrative Officer

Dr Tracy Dixon tracy.dixon@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 7655 (internal ext. 7655)

Graduate Studies Office Research Administrator

Mr Jonny Hobson jonny.hobson@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 5136 (internal ext. 5136)

Graduate Studies Office Research Administrator

Ms Amanda Jordan amanda.jordan@dcu.ie/Ms Sharon King sharon.king@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 5214 (internal ext. 5214)

Applications, Registration, Fees & Examinations:

Postgraduate Applications & Registration (Registry)

Postgraduate Admissions

Tel: +3531 700 5338 (internal ext. 5338)

Non-EU Applications (International Office)


Tel: +3531 700 7411 (internal ext. 7411)

Fees (Finance Office)

Ms Deirdre Kelly fees@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 8836 (internal ext. 8836)

Postgraduate Research Assessment & External Examiners (Registry)

Ms Roisin Morris-Drennan roisin.morris-drennan@dcu.ie; postgraduate.research@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 6275 (internal ext. 6275)

Ms Grainne Fagan grainne.fagan@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 8899 (internal ext. 8899)

Faculty / Research Centre Scholarship Administrators:

DCU Business School

Ms. Margaret Galuszynska dcubsresearch@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 5734 (internal ext. 5734)

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Ms Michelle Brennan michelle.brennan@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 7415 (internal ext. 7415)

DCU Institute of Education 

Ms Maria Thornbury maria.thornbury@dcu.ie/Ms Denise Freir denise.freir@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 884 2050 (internal ext. 2050)

Faculty of Science & Health

Ms Gerta Nestorowicz gerta.nestorowicz@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 5542 (internal ext. 5542)

Faculty of Engineering & Computing

Ms Irene McEvoy irene.mcevoy@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 6857 (internal ext. 6857)


Ms Mairead Callan mairead.callan@dcu.ie

Tel: +3531 700 5702 (internal ext. 5702)

Postgraduate Student Representatives 2017-18:

DCU Students' Union Vice President for Academic Affairs

Mr Brendan Power academicaffairs@dcusu.ie

Postgraduate Research Student Representative on Graduate Research Studies Board

Allan Stevenson supostgrad@dcu.ie

Postgraduate Research Student Representative DCU Business School

Julie Bruecker julie.brueckner2@mail.dcu.ie

Postgraduate Research Student Representative Faculty of Science & Health

TBC for 17/18

Postgraduate Research Student Representative Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Arpita Chakraborty arpita.chakraborty3@mail.dcu.ie or Tajma Kapic tajma.kapic2@mail.dcu.ie

Postgraduate Research Student Representative Faculty of Engineering & Computing

David Azcona david.azcona2@mail.dcu.ie

Postgraduate Research Student Representative DCU Institute of Education

TBC for 17/18

Academic contacts for postgraduate research:

For research opportunities at DCU please take a look at our Scholarships & Opportunities page or contact the relevant faculty/school or research institute/centre. For specific research queries, including enquiries about potential research projects and their supervision, you should make direct contact with the appropriate academic staff member. The list of academic contacts and Associate Deans for Research below will be able to assist you in this regard:

DCU Business School

Associate Dean for Research - Prof David Collings - david.collings@dcu.ie

Director of Doctoral Studies - Dr Janine Bosak - janine.bosak@dcu.ie

Research Committee:

Economics/Finance/Entrepreneurship - Dr Declan Curran - declan.curran@dcu.ie

Accounting - Dr Brid Murphy - brid.murphy@dcu.ie

Marketing - Dr Yuhui Gao- yuhui.gao@dcu.ie

Human Resource Management - Dr Lisa Van Der Werff - lisa.vanderwerff@dcu.ie

Management and Information Systems - Dr Malcolm Brady - malcolm.brady@dcu.ie

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

Associate Dean for Research - Dr Eugene McNulty - eugene.mcnulty@dcu.ie

Research Convenors:

School of Communications - Dr Jim Rogers jim.rogers@dcu.ie

School of English - Dr Julie Ann Stevens - julieann.stevens@dcu.ie

Fiontar agus Scoil na Gaeilge - Dr Caoimhe Nic Lochlainncaoimhe.niclochlainn@dcu.ie

School of History and Geography - Dr Leeann Lane - leeann.lane@dcu.ie

School of Law & Government - Dr Donnacha Ó Beacháin - donnacha.obeachain@dcu.ie

School of Applied Language & Intercultural Studies (SALIS) - Dr Ryoko Sasamoto - ryoko.sasamoto@dcu.ie

School of Theology, Philosophy and Music - Dr Patricia Flynn - patricia.flynn@dcu.ie 

Faculty of Science & Health

Associate Dean for Research - Dr Mary Rose Sweeney - maryrose.sweeney@dcu.ie

Research Convenors:

Biotechnology - Dr Dermot Walls - dermot.walls@dcu.ie

Chemical Sciences - Dr Aoife Morrin - aoife.morrin@dcu.ie

Mathematical Sciences - Dr Turlough Downes - turlough.downes@dcu.ie

Nursing & Human Sciences - Dr Sabina Stan - sabina.stan@dcu.ie

Nursing & Human Sciences - Dr Patricia Johnson - patricia.johnson@dcu.ie (Postgraduate Coordinator)

Physical Sciences - Rob O'Connor - robert.p.oconnor@dcu.ie

Health & Human Performance - Dr Sarah Jane Belton - sarahjane.belton@dcu.ie

Faculty of Engineering & Computing

Associate Dean for Research - Dr Mark Roantree - mark.roantree@computing.dcu.ie

Research Convenors:

Computing - Prof Andy Way -  andy.way@computing.dcu.ie

Electronic Engineering - Dr Marissa Condon - condonm@eeng.dcu.ie

Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering - Prof Nicholas Dunne - nicholas.dunne@dcu.ie

DCU Institute of Education

Associate Dean for Research - Dr Charlotte Holland - charlotte.holland@dcu.ie

Chair of Postgraduate Studies by Research - Dr Zita Lysaght - zita.lysaght@dcu.ie

Heads of School: 

School of STEM Education, Innovation & Global Studies - Dr James Lovatt - james.lovatt@dcu.ie

School of Language, Literacy and Early Childhood Education - Dr Eithne Kennedy - eithne.kennedy@dcu.ie

School of Inclusive and Special Education - Dr Joe Travers - joe.travers@dcu.ie

School of Arts Education and Movement - Dr Regina Murphy - regina.murphy@dcu.ie

School of Policy & Practice - Dr Brendan Walsh - brendan.walsh@dcu.ie

School of Human Development - Dr Maeve O'Brien - maeve.obrien@dcu.ie  

General queries on postgraduate research in DCU can be directed to graduatestudiesoffice@dcu.ie