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The International Office provides various letters of support that you may need as an international (non EU) undergraduate, Masters, Study Abroad or Exchange/Erasmus student. Please allow at least three working days for your letter to be produced. All letters must be collected from the International Office on the DCU All Hallows Campus (bring your student card as identification) EXCEPT FOR the proof of address letter for opening a Bank account or obtaining a PPS which must be posted to you.

Important – Please ensure that your current address in Dublin is updated on your My Details via DCU Apps.

  • INIS (formerly GNIB) Registration Support:  Request this when you have made your appointment to register with INIS. 
    • This letter is only valid for 7 days; please do not order the letter more than 7 days before your INIS appointment. 
    • If you need more information on registering with INIS please read here.
  • Re-Entry Visa Support: Request this if you have a student visa and you want to travel abroad. 
    • This letter is only valid for 7 days; please do not order the letter more than 7 days before your re-entry visa appointment. 
    • If you need more information on re-entry visas please read here
  • Proof of Address: Request this if you require proof of address for opening a bank account or to obtain a PPS number for part time working. 
    • You need to have a current address in Ireland. To prove residency, the Bank requires that this letter be issued by post only.
    • This letter allows you to open a bank account with the Bank of Ireland on the DCU Glasnevin Campus only.
    • The address must match the address on your My Details via DCU Apps. We cannot issue a letter if the addresses do not match
    • Bring the letter plus envelope to the Bank or Welfare Office (for PPS). This will be accepted as proof that you are a resident of Ireland. 
  • Confirmation of Attendance/Availability to Work:  Request this letter if you need written confirmation that you are a registered student in DCU for the current Academic Year.
    • This letter will also confirm to employers if you are eligible to work part time.
  • Completion of Programme/Graduate Scheme:  Request this letter if you have successfully completed a full time undergraduate or postgraduate programme at DCU and are now eligible for the Graduate Working Scheme.
  • Completion of Programme (Non Award): Request this letter if you are a Study Abroad, Erasmus, Exchange or Occasional Student at DCU and have completed your study at DCU.
  • Embassy: Request this letter if you need a visa to enter other countries. Please check with the Embassy of the country you want to travel to and they will confirm if you require a visa to enter.
  • Graduation Visa Invitation:  Request this letter for up to two guests who will attend your graduation ceremony at DCU.
    • The letter should be submitted to the Irish Embassy to support a Visa application. Please contact the relevant Embassy for further details on visa applications.


Comment Box:  If you have any special requests, please submit the details in our comment box.

Please note:  We do not issue letters related to fees. If you need a receipt of payment or a copy of an invoice please contact fees@dcu.ie