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Staff Apps & Links

Staff Apps and Links

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Widely Used Systems

Get all DCU's apps here. This includes Mail, Drive, Docs, Sites, Calendar, Google + and more.


DCU's online learning platform.


Check and update your personal details, submit and manage expense claims and use the time management system for staff on flexi-time

Core Portal

Connect to DCUs Eurodam Wifi service


Coursebuilder is a development tool for teaching and learning, designed to assist staff with the writing of module descriptors in terms of learning outcomes in the short term and to facilitate on-going academic development in the future.

Course Builder

Search university timetables here.


Staff Exam Timetable Report Semester 1 2017

Exam Timetables (Staff Access)

Get classlists, module lists and student look up on the new classlists system as part of IRIS technology. Please see link to old system below.


Information on DCU Student Emailing lists

Email lists

This is a powerful business intelligence reporting tool. The Presidents office alongside Research and Innovation Support and ISS have come together to create a series of reports and dashboards based on student and research data. New reports and functionality are in the pipeline..


You can change your DCU network password. This is your account for logging into the Network, DCU Apps email, Moodle, Portal, Core, Agresso and Drupal.

Change Password

File Sender

A link to all Finance Forms including the once off payment form

Finance Forms

Search all exam papers from 1999 onward

Past Exam Papers

Marks Entry System for Anonymous Marking Exam Marks Entry & Continuous Assessment Marks Entry

Marks Entry System (Anonymous Marking & Continuous Assessment)

Login for academics to the PAC system (Note: this link will direct you to the old portal system. The new PAC entry point will be live soon.

PAC Login

Academic Profile System

Research Engine

Research Proposal

Research Proposal

Guru is a student information platform which provides student, module and programme information through a user-friendly interface.  In addition to data provision and statistical analysis, it is also used in the digital generation, uploading and external review of examination papers. (N.B. Exam Paper Submission requires account activation)









Administrative Systems

Drupal is an open source content management platform that DCU uses to power the DCU.ie website and supporting websites. It allows site owners to easily control and edit their own pages and content. Drupal uses a point-and-click interface to let you add pages, menus, images and file uploads.


Administrator access for Core Flex Time managers

Core Supervisor

Finance System for raising POs etc


Log in to the Student Managment System


Disabilities Module Report

Disabilities Module Report

Institutional Linkages

Institutional Linkages

Login for PAC admin users

PAC Admin Login

Offical letter generator software - Registry Staff use only

Letter Generator

Timetable Admin

Timetable Admin

Customer Relationship Managment login










Useful Links

Minutes/Reports of meetings from the following committees: Academic Council, Education Committee, University Standards Committee, Graduate Research Studies Board, Learning Innovation Advisory Panel, Disability Steering Group Meetings, Equality Steering Group Meetings, Notes Of Executive Meetings, Reports On Governing Authority Meetings, Minutes Of Heads Meetings, Quality Promotion Committee, Research Advisory Panel, Research Committee, DCU Health and Safety Steering Group Minutes, DCU Health and Safety Consultation Group Minutes

Committees, Minutes, Reports

Academic and administrative university calendars

Calendars, Schedules & Timetables

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Quick link to the campus phonebook/staff directory

Campus Phonebook

Out of Hours Log System

Out of Hours Log System

Programme Academic Structures

Academic Structures

Click on this button to proceed to Email configuration for mobile devices

Mobile Mail Configuration

Module Specifications

Module Specifications

Examination information, rules and procedures


Link to the externally managed and maintained DCU SIPTU Committee website

SIPTU Committee