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Educational Trust

Access students encourage DCU alumni to share the gift of education this summer

Share the life-changing gift of education this May 

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From 22nd May to 10th June 2017, the DCU Educational Trust will be calling alumni and friends to raise critical support for our Access Scholarship Programme. Our student callers will ask DCU alumni to recall the impact a higher education has had on their life and to consider sharing this life-changing gift of education with DCU Access students.

Our Access Scholarship Programme makes third level education attainable to students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds and supports them to thrive and succeed in their third level studies. It is Ireland's oldest and largest Access programme with 1,285 students currently enrolled.

If you would like to give talented youth the chance to fulfil their potential in life, no matter who they are or where they come from, please click on the button below to donate now or register to receive further information from our student callers.

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Access Student Stories

For all students - higher education is a passport to the future - a route to careers, personal success and development. For Access students at DCU, a higher education means all of this and so much more. Below, past and present Access students share what higher education has meant to them. 

Jane Last

Jane Last - Head of News, Independent News & Media | BA in Journalism 2002

"My DCU education and the Access programme put me on the path to my career – changing my way of thinking and showing me that anything is possible. When I think back to myself as a shy teenage girl questioning whether I was good enough, I pinch myself when I see how far my journey with DCU has brought me." 

Click here to read Jane's full story 

Emma Lockwood

Emma Lockwood | BA in Law & Politics

"I didn’t always think that I would go to college – that just wasn’t the aspiration for most young people where I come from." 

Click here to read Emma's full story 

 Rufai Smith

Rufai Smith | BEng Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering 2016 | MSc in Finance

"University is where I found my people – I have made my best friends and met my soul mate here."

Click here to read Rufai's full story

 Laura Cunningham

Laura Cunningham | PhD in Mechanical Engineering

"With the support of the Access programme, I was able to get my undergraduate degree without the fear of how my parents’ financial situation would impact on my ability to attend classes or get involved in college life. Thanks to my education, I now develop new medical devices to improve the quality of life for patients around the world."

Click here to read Laura's full story  

 Yaroslav Baturov

Yaroslav Baturov | BS in Business Studies 2016

"Higher education has given me the possibility of working in a well-paid job that will enable me to travel the world and to help support my parents and my siblings. Arriving in Ireland from Ukraine at the age of seven with no English – this path in life was far from guaranteed for me."

Click here to read Yaroslav's full story  

 Amie McGuirke

Amie McGuirke | BSc in Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences

"I believe higher education is a tool, possibly the most valuable tool I was ever given. Being the eldest of four, with no one in my family having gone to University, it seemed an unrealistic goal, an opportunity almost unreachable without the supports DCU had to offer."

Click here to read Amie's full story 

 Michael Akingbade

Michael Akingbade | BSc in Marketing, Innovation & Technology

"The trust and support of the Access Programme has added to my motivation and I am inspired every day to repay the faith the programme has shown in me by performing well at DCU. I am excited for what the future holds and I feel ready and capable of achieving my goals thanks to the secure footing my higher education has given me."   

Click here to read Michael's full story

 Ashley Dunne

Ashley Dunne | BS in Business Studies

"I believe that without higher education, I would not have these amazing opportunities available to me nor would I believe that I can reach for the stars without the support and knowledge presented to me through my four years at university."

Click here to read Ashley's full story

 Jamie Farrell

Jamie Farrell | BCL in Law and Society

"My time in college has opened up a realm of endless possibilities for me. It has given me some of my greatest memories and filled me with the confidence and self-belief to achieve great things."

Click here to read Jamie's full story

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